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1.  You should not have any difficulty in finding affordable used cars when you are ready to buy one. However, before you start looking, you should consult a book like the Kelley Blue Book to get some idea about car values. Having a specific make and model in mind will help you to narrow your search to begin with. Once you have a figure and a model, you can begin to look. If you have no particular kind of car in mind, you can also just search by price. 

2.  Use classified ads for searching
Probably most people depend on classified advertisements to find a used car. You local newspaper and area shopping directories will contain lists of used cars for sale. While dealerships may not list as many cars in the classifieds as they might in an online directory, the vehicles they do list tend to be the best ones they have for sale. The advantage to classified ads is that they deal with cars available locally.

3.  Take advantage of internet searching  
With the advent of the internet, sites selling vehicles can make it easy to find affordable used cars literally anywhere. You can make your search local and find used vehicles that are available within a certain number of miles from your home. If you live in a rural area, your search might not turn up anything, so in that case, supplying the zip code of the nearest large town or city will probably provide you with a range of used cars to choose from. Dealerships list their inventories of used cars on the internet now, making it easy to find just the vehicle you want.

You can also find a used car by visiting local dealerships in your area. They can be located online or through the yellow pages of your phone book. Most dealerships are subject to certain regulations that will offer you some guarantee as to the roadworthiness of the used car you are buying. The price of a certified used car will be higher than one that is sold ‘as is’, but many people think that knowing the car will last a certain length of time, at least, is well worth the extra money.

4.  Ask people around you for quality used car
Word of a mouth or just seeing a car with a “for sale” sign on it is also a way to find a used car. You can also talk to relatives and friends to see whether they have a car for sale. People with whom you have some sort of relationship will often hesitate to sell you a car that is in poor condition, hide defects, or charge too much. It is perfectly possible to find a used car in good shape from a stranger, but be aware that you will have no recourse if anything goes wrong with the car. Most affordable used cars sold privately are considered to be sold 'as is', and you should have any used car checked out by a mechanic before paying for it.

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