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The best used cars for all budgets released by Consumer Reports

There are always consumers with different amount of budgets who are willing to spend on used cars but looking for the best available options out there. Due to high list of various choices, choosing the right one for one’s need is just overwhelming. Therefore buyers tend to look up what Consumer Reports has to say each year, as they are providing well researched reports to help the average income Americans pick the best and the most reliable used car that will perfectly fit their own budgets.

As with struggling economy downturn and slow sign of recovery, car owners are just holding on their own vehicles much longer than before, thus resulting in fewer late model used cars put out on the market and limited supply with high price tags in the end. Consumer Reports recently published a compiled list of best used cars from year 2003 model through 2012.

The following cars were picked for list of best used cars, in the price range of $15,000-$20,000:

2010-11 Toyota Prius and 2011-12 Hyundai Elantra for Small cars Category:
Toyota Prius still holds the best gas mileage measured at boasting 44 mpg with five passenger capacity. It is reported that 2010 redesign model came with roomy design and better brake system. Hyundai Elantra sedan is nominated for outstanding review of consumer driving experience.

2011-12 Toyota Camry (4-cyl.) and 2006-07 Infiniti M for Sedan Category:
Camry of 4 cylinder model is extremely reliable and roomy car that has excellent 27 mpg. If you are looking for more power and luxurious interior equipped sedan, then go for Infiniti M with the V6 model.

2007-08 Honda Pilot and 2009 Mazda CX-9 for SUV category:
Although this aging 2008 Honda Pilot may have few other newer rivals on the market, it remains a strong choice for a midsize crossover SUV due to its strong reputation for quality and high ratings of safety standards and roomy design holding up to eight passengers inside. The other facts like fuel economy, versatility, decent storage and body size contribute to the final decision by most consumers.

For those who are looking for sporty sedan with the comfortable feature of family hauler, Mazda CX-9 comes as the 1st place in the line. Its performance ratings is excellent, and spacious cabin and third row seats offer better choice over other models, and the good quality and high crash test scores also make buyers feel comfortable when making a final decision.

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