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Vehicle Price and Value: Several Key Factors That Can Affect A Used Car’s Value

When you buy a used vehicle, it means a large investment, usually of thousands of dollars. Used cars are generally less expensive than new cars but it’s still a costly venture that requires you to take out a used car loan. Thus, it would be in your best interest to learn what determines the price of a vehicle. Sure, you can get a good idea how much the vehicle you’re looking at is valued by checking out the Kelley Blue Book but it should not be the only thing. You should always consider other factors.

Several Factors That Determine A Vehicle’s Worth

Factor 1 – Age

Most people tend to look at the vehicle’s age when they’re looking for a car to buy. Older vehicles tend to be less in price but they also have a significant past. An older vehicle that doesn’t have a lot of miles on it would seem not to have a lot of stress on it but that’s not true. Simple fatigue can hit after so many years. If you based the car’s value on age, then it just reflects that the older the vehicle is, the more prone to problems it’s likely to have. It’s also harder to get replacement parts for older vehicles.

Factor 2 – Mileage

Another big factor that determines a used vehicle’s value is its mileage. If the vehicle has high mileage, it’s gotten more use and wear and tear. Thus, the vehicle’s value will be lower. Once a mileage threshold has been reached, regardless of the vehicle’s age, it’s older than its actual years.

Factor 3 – Vehicle Make/Model

Believe it or not, but a vehicle’s make and model will have a tremendous impact on the value. Certain vehicles are already expensive to start with, which means they’ll be higher priced. Popular cars, not-so popular cars and preferences will also play a role in the value of a car. The value for a used car that’s popular is always going to be more than the value of a not-so popular vehicle, despite being similar in other ways.

Factor 4 – Warranty

A person can purchase a used vehicle several ways such as a private seller or a used vehicle dealership. If a person is buying privately, the vehicle is typically sold “as is”, meaning if anything goes wrong… you eat the costs to pay for it! However, a vehicle that’s been sold through a used car dealership may have some kind of warranty still on it. A used car dealership is more likely to determine a car’s value than a private seller would.

Thanks to the lemon laws, there is some added protection to buying used vehicles. These laws tend to affect used car dealerships, making the dealership honor any warranty it offers. Should something go wrong and the warranty covers it, the dealership must do one of three things:

– Replace the defected part
– Repair the vehicle
– Refund the buyer’s money

This does give the buyer some guarantee in the event the car isn’t reliable but it does affect its value too. Most consumers, however, consider paying a little more for a used vehicle is worth it if the vehicle proves its dependability and reliability.

Aftermarket Vehicle Parts: Where Can You Go To Find Affordable Ones

Aftermarket vehicle parts make it easy for people to fix, refurbish, customize or upgrade their vehicles for an affordable price. Deals are not just geared toward retail store owners or vehicle mechanics, ordinary folks can enhance the look of their vehicle too. And, with the use of aftermarket auto parts, parts can be found for nearly all the major European vehicle manufacturers such as Audi.

Where Can You Find Audi Aftermarket Vehicle Parts

Audi parts are typically superior quality parts; parts that guarantee the Audi is the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. Bear in mind that this is an actual testimonial based upon the manufacturer’s century-old convention of giving people an excellent product – vehicles, aircraft engines and railway brakes. Any replacement Audi parts are also of superior-quality to match the vehicle’s performance. The outer Audi parts include:

• Lights
• Wheels
• Hood
• Other exterior body parts

Auto Parts Discounts provide superior quality Audi aftermarket parts such as the above. Some of the Audi parts you can find include:

• Corner lights
• Fog lights
• Headlights
• Taillights

The parts are manufactured by the top vehicle parts manufacturers with high quality materials. With the above parts, you can increase the safety and enhance the look of your vehicle. Regardless of what kind of vehicle you have, the parts are geared to match the specifications of your own car. Thanks to recent technology innovation, buyers can have multiple options of choosing the best, quality parts and service through online store such as Autoparts Warehouse, and other local stores with the online facing webstore.

Forget about what you been told about aftermarket parts being inferior because they are anything but inferior. While there are several kinds of non-OEM vehicle parts that such as vehicle lights that don’t meet the superior-quality standards of your automobile’s manufacturer, you can find high-quality replacement parts that fit at Auto Parts Wholesale.

Auto Parts Wholesale ensures you’ll get the Audi products you need including but not limited to:

• Auto lights
• Wheel covers
• Radiator support
• AC condensers

Your vehicle must have headlights, taillights and fog lights, which means you want parts that are made of superior quality and will last a long time. Try driving at night without these things and see how far you can actually go. Be sure you have superior-quality lights that will allow you to see other drivers and they can see you too. Bad weather or nightfall, vehicle lights are a necessity.